It is a warm Sunday afternoon in August.  The asphalt has become a heat conductor, and the vendors at the swap meet are ready to call it quits.  Inside a hangar with metal siding, Doni Silver Simon’s show “August” is on view at Sherry Frumkin Gallery.  A self-proclaimed mark maker, her work demonstrates a painstaking attention to detail where the surfaces of raw canvases are layered in paint, then subjected to the washer, dryer, iron and then painted all over again.  The wear and tear of the works are delicate remnants of duration, memory, and the persistence of the past in the present.  A central component to “August” is the 16 day performance that Simons participates in morning for two hours.  A large sheet of canvas adhered to wood planks in the gallery is the site of investigation, curiosity, and questioning.  Listening to the fibers of the canvas, Simons runs her fingers along the canvas searching for the first area to piece with a box cuter.  Pealing off each individual thread of the canvas in small areas and then scattering the remnants on the gallery floor, it makes the task at hand seem overwhelming as much of the canvas remains untouched.  I remember a body of her work from last year where Simons committed to painting a canvas every day for one year and wondering how she maintained the patience to continue creating and never letting the stress of time effect the quality of the work produced.  While the performance only has 6 more days remaining, the results for each day can be viewed on Youtube and via webcam.

Oh August— the end of the summer, the anticipation of resuming the school schedule, the heat waves, where did you go?

August is contained in each thread on the floor of the Sherry Frumkin Gallery.