An imagined state of being where life persists in a perfectly imperfected state, Mark Schoening “Cloudcuckooland” is both a state of mind and place of being.  The typography chosen for “Cloudcuckooland” is distantly similar to the strewn letters of the Hollywood sign perched on a lonely hill.  Schoening’s panels combine layers of acrylic ink, carbon transfer and resin and explode with chunks of machinery veiled by a smoke cloud.  A series of 30 black and white panels titled “Balletic Disintegration” reads like a stop motion film where each frame explodes with action and then contained by the resin.  A native to the east coast Schoening recently moved to Los Angeles, which inspired a free-form color series complete with neon shades and glitter.  To view Schoening’s work is a richly textured and near cinematic experience because the multiple layers of color and painterly renderings unleash endless visual possibilities.  Schoening’s work are glimpses into a world seen through a Technicolor kaleidoscope- utterly fantastical, engaging, and illuminating.