For her debut at Regen Projects, New York artist Marilyn Minter presents her new film Green Pink Caviar, as well as her paintings and photographs categorized as the Mouth series which are on view at Regen Projects II.  Minter’s film is at once a fantastical manipulation of colors such as electric green slush, cotton candy larvae, sterling silver slime, and gold flakes.  Minter’s luscious pink lips inhale and regurgitate the substances on a sheet of glass placed above the camera.  Minter fetishisizes an act that combines sensuality and gluttony, and in presenting her face in such close proximity to the camera the viewer becomes a voyeur privy to the artist’s strange behavior.  The Mouth series are a collection of blown up C-Prints that present the same pair of luscious lips seen in the film as they collide with the amalgamation of colorful substances texture such as pop rocks and the artist’s tongue moving each which direction to impress itself on the glass and become part of the matter before her.  The prints appear in a hyper sort of Technicolor- the psychedelic colors transform the grotesque into a source of utter fascination.