Sam Durant’s work in This is Freedom? operates on a social, historical, and political trajectory and aligns archival photographs from the Aboriginal civil rights protests in Australia and Africa and Native American civil rights protests in the United States with light boxes and drawings. In recontextualizing the hand made signs used in these photographs, Durant’s light boxes are large scale, neon iterations of protesters past.  “200 years of White Lies,” written in quivering black letters against a bold yellow backdrop indicate that the signs are now a part of the urban fabric and cannot be thrown away like hand mate protest signs.  The lettering style and colors are unique to each sign and their message- Is this freedom looks as though a child may have written it, but the black letters that are swallowed by the white sign point to the African American struggle for civil rights.  Durant’s light boxes demand that they become injected back in the urban landscape.  Perhaps the most universal of all the light boxes reads, “Ask us what we want.”